Personal Branding mistakes can ruin your career and/or your own business. You see it almost every day. People of importance, high stature, or a celebrity make huge personal branding mistakes that you read about in the tabloids or watch on TMZ. Don’t make these mistakes with your own personal brand.

Top 5 Personal Branding Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make


1. Forgetting Digital is Forever

Yes, read that again… Digital is Forever. This means you must be very careful and mindful of what you post online. Remember the photos you’re tagged in of rager back in college? Yep, it’s online. it’s either still tagged, or posted, with your name associated with it, or it’s cached with a type of screenshot. This is one of the biggest personal branding mistakes you can make. Imagine if a potential, or current, employer decides to search your profiles and images. Then it could be game over for you.

2. Mixing Your Personal Posts with your Professional Posts

Let’s be real here… your potential customers / clients don’t want to see what you had for dinner at that fancy restaurant you went to for your birthday. It sounds a little extreme, but if you’re serious about business and generating leads from a specific platform (Twitter, Facebook, etc…), then keep that platform congruent with your personal and professional brand.

3. Not Using A Professional Photographer

This alone can help you to land better clients and get more followers by building trust, displaying your best self, and being much more confident with your online presence.  A professional photo of yourself can transform your image, which is well worth the price. I used to do some professional photography and it was always a revelation to the subject when they saw themselves with correct lighting, exposure, and composition. Professional photography makes a world of difference.

4. Not Building Your Own Personal Brand

Hopefully you know how important it is to build a personal brand. If you don’t, strong personal branding can gain leads, carve out the image you would like to portray, make you look much more professional, and attract people you’d like to work with. The important thing is to be consistent in delivering your messaging and brand to everyone. If you don’t have a personal brand, then people will form their impression of you based on the information they can obtain, so why not frame it in the best way possible. So, now you know… and like they say in the G.I. Joe tagline, “And knowing is half the battle!”

5. Posting Tastelessly Controversial Material

It’s one thing to be controversial, it’s another to not have tact or empathy for others. Don’t necessarily avoid topics that may start a heated discussion. This allows allowing others to discuss freely, be exposed to new ideas, and gives you great traffic. When you cross the line into posting things which are crass, tasteless, racist, sexist, and demeaning, then you’re going to have problems. People will get offended, question your professionalism, and may even fire you. Don’t do this. Not smart. Have tact.


Hope this motivates you to craft your own brand to be meaningful, consistent, and focused. When crafting your brand, you must be aware of not making any of these personal branding mistakes. Make a wrong move, especially if you have an established business / brand, and you may be in a heap of trouble and may need to hire a professional to help dig you out of it.


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