Hey all,

Brian here from Bear Flag Branding. I’m happy to announce we’re open for business! It’s a much anticipated launch with lots of love and support.

You may ask, “Just what can a marketing agency do for me?” Well, Bear Flag is a marketing agency for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses. We are a full-service digital agency which also higher value services such as ideal customer discovery, brand strategy and digital marketing strategy. We live by our process:

  • Identify.

    • We identify and attract your ideal customers through strong visual imagery and powerful and actionable copy.
  • Build.

    • We create trust with your potential clients by using consistent design and brand messaging across all your digital platforms.
  • Grow.

    • We discover and reach even more of your ideal clients through proven paid and organic marketing efforts.
  • Nurture.

    • We develop systems for repeat business from existing clients and warm leads from your new found relationships.


Within each step, there are even more detailed steps to ensure we’re through and have you covered  when branding, launching, and/or relaunching your venture. I want to make sure we cover every angle and get you and your company

A little bit about myself: I started this company out of necessity and as an extension of my vast business experience. Having worked in corporate engineering consulting, worn many hats in my family’s successful business, and being a partner in a previous digital agency, I definitely understand what digital needs start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small business have to propel themselves.

I personally brought my family’s multimillion dollar business into the digital age by understanding who they serve and who their ideal customers are, unifying their branding and marketing, redesigning their website and digital platforms, moving away from all print advertising to a strategic content and social media marketing strategy, and even launching an all new loyalty program. Because of these efforts web traffic doubled year over year, customer engagement grew steadily, sales skyocketed, and repeat customers came back for more over and again.

Again, Bear Flag Branding is a marketing agency for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses and culmination of all these experiences to best serve you and your vision.

What can I do to help?


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