Impact Marketing is just that… Marketing that makes an impact in your business!

Everyone wants to get a quick win, or a quick fix, to boost their business. It isn’t always that easy and often takes some time and effort to get the ball rolling. Follow the steps below to get your business on the right track and move toward impact marketing.

What is Impact Marketing? Impact Marketing is the actions taken to move your business forward and towards higher goals. While some of the first steps may feel like they aren’t working right away, they are the foundation of impact marketing.

We find many people don’t do the foundational work to make their efforts easier in the future.  Also, by no way is this comprehensive, and there are many other ways to gain results within the same.

Step 1: Figure Out Who Your Clients / Customers Are

We find many people don’t do the work upfront to make their marketing efforts easier further in the process. This is one of those things you definitely SHOULD do to make things easier down the road. If you have paying customers, then you already have proof of concept and that you’re on the right track. Create customer personas based on these existing customers and better understand their pain points. If you don’t have any clients yet use a best guess about who you’ll be marketing to. Once you have this persona be sure and revisit this process after you have a few new clients. If you need help with this process, we have a great guide on How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Business. Check it out here!

Step 2: Use Shared Language in All of Your Marketing

Next step of impact marketing is to start marketing to them by using the same language they use when talking about your product or services. Do you and your clients call certain things by their technical name? Or, do they call them something much more simple? Be certain the features you’re trying to sell are completely understood by your potential clients. If it’s not clear,then you may be losing their potential business.

Step 3: Get Your Branding / Online Presence Straightened Out

Make sure no matter where someone finds your brand, that it’s on-point and looking good. This means your website, social media, business cards, printed materials,… everywhere. We do branding. We also know many great graphic designers that do branding as well (shout out to my friend Gabe Berlin at Fishbulb Design). Hiring a professional is most always worth it. They have a better understanding of design, how to convey your brand, and give you branding consistency. If you are on a budget or even want to do it yourself, check out Canva to help you create your stuff on the cheap.

Step 4: Drive Traffic to Your Site

This is key to impact marketing. Driving new traffic to your site will get more eyeballs on who you are and what you do. There’s several ways to get more traffic to your site. If you have a brand new site, check out our post 10 Ways to Get Traffic to a New Website. If your site has been around a little while, start a blog. I know you have heard this this all the time, but blogging works. Post about the things you do and the things you’re knowledgeable about will help people find you and your services. Once you write your blog post, be sure to share it on social media. If it’s good and valuable, then others will share it as well and visit your site. More traffic = More potential customers.

Step 5: Capture New Leads / Potential Customers

You have great content. People are visiting your site. Now you need their information. So, if you don’t have a contact form, put one on your site. Next, have some teasers and/or higher value information people may want. Tease your traffic and put this piece of content behind an email capture form. This is a small trade off for the great content. For instance, I have this page for The Simple Guide to Digital Strategy in 2016. Once you give me your information, then you get the guide. Now I can give that person even more information and content and they may turn into a customer.

Step 6: Analyze, Change, and Repeat

Now you’ve started impact marketing, don’t stop. The important thing is to analye what is working and what isn’t working. If it’s working, do more of it. If it isn’t working, don’t do it. It’s that easy. Keep chipping away and work toward your goal of getting more visitors and more prospective clients. This is a long process, so don’t give up. Keep at it.



So, what are you waiting for? Get going today! Immpact marketing your business starts with a small step. Once you build momentum, build of your successes, and it becomes much easier.

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask. Write me down below in the comments, or through the contact page on my site. If you need help with these concepts, sign up for a free consultation here. Talk to you soon!

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