Marketing for kitchen and bath centers has its own unique problems. Do you ever have people come to your showroom, but don’t buy anything? Why do you think that is? It’s because they’re coming to your kitchen and bath center to see and feel the product, then ordering through another vendor. Because of this, just getting more people through the door doesn’t always equate to more revenue. Here are 6 Musts When Marketing Your Kitchen and Bath Center and turn visitors into customers.


1. Make Sure People Can Find You

If no one can find your, how are you going to sell to them? The first step in local search engine marketing is to make sure your contact information is easily found. This means everywhere. Make sure the information is on your website, social media profiles, online business listings, business cards, print media, videos, etc… everywhere.

After this step, be sure to claim your local business listings for both Google Local Business and Bing Places for Business . This makes sure the information posted about your business information is accurate. It also makes it super easy for people who are searching for you to find your information. This step is


2. Make Sure Your Branding is Consistent 

Branding is the promise you make to your customers and potential customers. Having consistent branding is important because it builds trust between you and your customer. You want to be sure they understand you know what you’re doing and you’re doing to fulfil that promise.

Your branding needs to be consistent just like your contact information. Anywhere someone may find your information is a chance to display your branding. Make sure it’s professional and consistent. If you don’t have branding materials (logo, branding guidelines, etc…), get some made. It’s a small cost, but so important in marketing. If you aren’t convinced branding is important, check out this article.

3. Take Control of Your Online Reputation

A bad reputation can sink your marketing efforts, and business, quickly. Online review sites are a great place to start managing your reputation. Sites like Yelp, Houzz, Facebook, and Google+ (to name a few) all allow reviews by customers. Many people don’t trust review sites and think they’re “rigged” or are trying to extort their business. Whether you trust these sites or not, people use them to make purchasing decisions. If you don’t take control of these sites then you may be losing out on new business.

Once you have claimed your reputation pages, begin to cultivate a positive reputation from those you’ve done business with already. Create a satisfaction survey on your website and ask past customers to complete the survey. If they give you high marks, ask them to complete a review on one of your reptuation sites. If they give you low marks, contact them to see where your company can improve. This will help cultivate positive reputation and help improve your business.

4. Use Inbound Marketing to Cut Out Dead Leads

Marketing your kitchen and bath center can produce a lot of dead leads. These are leads that end up wasting your time and efforts and end up not producing a sale. Inbound marketing can save you from this while giving you highly qualified new leads.

Inbound marketing is the promotion of an organization through content marketing. The goal is to attract customers to your website using blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, newsletters, whitepapers, SEO, physical products, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing You want to attract potential customers to different stages of the sales funnel, with the end-goal of them buying from you.

When done right, you can qualify and categorize your online leads by their interest. As they consume more info from your company, you move them further down the sales funnel until it triggers contacting them. By taking in all this content, it nurtures and grooms them to trust you as an expert. You’ve now built that trust, and cut out the dead leads, before you even speak to them!

5. Give Potential Customers an Experience

Customers want to know you are looking after them and are willing to go above and beyond.  Invite potential customers to exclusive events in your showroom to show off your products. This could be an exclusive wine party with one of the vendors. Invite them for a free design brainstorming event with your team. Show them you want to invest the time with them. Make them feel special.

Beyond the positive association of your brand with making them feel special, these experiences are a great way to get more content for your website and social media. Have a photographer capture the event for your social media. Have a step-and-repeat with vendor logos to help them get their names out. There are tons of possibilities to market your center.

6. Have a Plan and Execute

Make sure to plan your marketing efforts. Plan out what you’re going to offer. Plan out what you’re going to write about. Plan out how you’re going to talk to your potential customers to get them to buy. Plan your marketing efforts. Then execute on those plans. Put them into action. Start to make an impact

Here’s an example: Plan a thank you event for past customers. Invite them for an appreciation night social event in your space. While they are there, you introduce them to your other great customers. Be top of mind and thank them all, let them know what you’re working on, and remind them that referrals are the best way to give thanks. Be sure to capture the events with photos and video. Write a blog post about your event and add the photos and video. Share your blog post on social media to get visitors to your website. Capture them with inbound marketing offers and turn them into potential customers. Boom, there’s a gem for you. Now go execute. 


Marketing your kitchen and bath center takes direction and commitment to get results. Building your branding, reputation, and content allows you to offer more value to a potential customer. Once they start trusting you, they’ll turn to you even more for answers, services, and products. After you’ve dazzled them with your products and services, have them leave a great review about your business, which will lead to even more business. Then keep going and improving.

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